Principal’s Message

Welcome to “Kathleen McDouall”!

St. James’ Settlement Kathleen McDouall Kindergarten was established in 1963, significant changes have been witnessed and experienced throughout the education journey. Facing the rapid development of information technology,a higher public expectation has been led to early childhood education. Therefore, kindergartens ought to keep innovating, strive for excellence and enhance early childhood education for the best interests of children; teachers’ qualification and professional skills shall also be strengthened to improve education quality, altogether we make progress towards the early childhood education and well-being of our next generation.

With “wholehearted, genuine, sincere and people-oriented” as our school foundation, we use innovative and integrative approaches to bring out the special features of our school. Our curriculum is delicately designed for nurturing happy children and cultivating a positive teaching and learning environment.

We value the individual differences of children by paying attention to individual needs, experiences, abilities and interests development and taking care of their physical, mental and spiritual well-beings. Thus, to allow children to feel the care of “faith, hope and love” and understand values of lives. On top of holistic development, children are able to experience nature, society culture and resources at first hand to broaden their horizon and learn to be more confident, creative and active. With contemporary educational theory, we emphasis a balance between learning and living, thus to allow children to acquire more wisdom and reach highest potential under the best emotional and spiritual state.

Besides, from simple environment, students are able to construct rich, genuine and diverse learning content and teachers could gasp the teachable moments. When children are surrounded by various materials in a pleasant environment and freely to choose among different learning areas, teachers motivate students to try, reflect and improve, to nurture self-directed learning. Our campus is a warm house filled with laughter and energy, children grow with joy and happiness. Teachers are passionate in teaching and students are eager to learn, the “child-centeredness” educational value is manifest in the interactions and harmony.

From a familiar and safe family environment, children step into a magical yet unfamiliar school campus. They start to learn with peers, be a part of community and embrace big challenges as opportunities to grow. Parents and Teacher shall work hand in hand to participate in the mission entrusted by God, which is to “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it” (Proverbs 22:6). Together, we help children to adapt in school environment, to cross the barriers to learning in daily life and to equip themselves with moral values, spirits of self-confidence and self-learning. As a result, children could enjoy childhood happiness and grow up healthily. Yet, growth is not only referring to physical changes, but also about the mental and cognitive development. As the bible says, “Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes.” (1Peter 3:3-4), every child shall preserve the goods of childhood, to own a tolerant, sincere and truth-seeking heart, thus to become a benevolent and innocent person.

Growing with the kindergarten, reminiscing the past to present, every classroom, every corner, every wall and every tiles has represented the changes of society and market demands. Even though our campus has to move with the times, the innocence of children to the world, the devotion of teachers to education and the unlimited care and nurture of parents to children have always remained unchanged. It is serendipity that led us meet in this caring and loving campus, to learn and grow happily in joining hands, provide mutual support and help each other out. I am grateful of being able to share series of touching and delightful moments with all of you. I hereby give my genuine blessings to all fellows who have ever contributed to the kindergarten, to set sail for success and have a bright prospect and glorious future no matter where you go.