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  1. Our School is Honored to Receive the Outstanding Performance Award (Environmental Management and Parents’ Participation in Environmental Activities) Hosted by the 16th Hong Kong Green School Award
  2. VTC Alumni Making a Difference
  3. “Participate in Horticultural Therapy for Early Childhood Education: Attain Recognised Qualification, Unleash Your Talent”
  4. “The Great Challenge in Early Childhood Education Sector: To Identify the Developmental and Educational Needs of Children and To Provide Timely Support”
  5. “Social Worker: Early Identification and Intervention for Students and Family Crisis”
  6. “Children Starting to Learn About Financial Management from Supermarket Visit, Headmistress said, “Parents Setting Good Examples are the Most Important””
  7. Itopia Education: Sharing on a Different Kindergarten, by CHENG Ka-yee, the Headmistress of St James’ Settlement Kathleen Mcdouall Kindergarten
  8. St James’ Settlement Kathleen Mcdouall Kindergarten Play to learn the spirit of care

Activities Arrangement of the Year