Children experience with different language materials in a rich and authentic language environment, we incorporate listening, speaking, reading and writing experiences into daily teaching scenarios to nurture children’s language learning interest and positive attitude. Besides, children leant about English and Mandarin through games, which could help to establish early English and Mandarin concepts and lay the foundation.

According to children’s abilities, teachers design different activities to help them recognize and read English letters while playing.


Teacher read big story book with children to help them recognize the shapes of letters.


Children described the picture on peer’s headband and guessed which animal was on their own headband, children are able to develop verbal expression and reasoning through the game.


Children could feel free to read the story books inside the library and classroom corner to cultivate their reading interest.


Native English teacher and Mandarin teacher designed diversified games and activities with class teacher, thus children are exposed to English and Mandarin from an early age and able to build a strong foundation for bilingual learning.


Through drama, children’s abilities to express themselves and understand others are further enhanced, so as their language proficiency.


We provide appropriate activities for non-Chinese speaking students, so children are able to learn Chinese in a relaxed environment and immerse in a natural Chinese language environment.